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Welcome to The Orthopaedic Alliance on the Peninsula

Get care, get well, get moving—in your own community.

MapThe Orthopaedic Alliance on the Peninsula includes more than a dozen skilled orthopaedic specialists serving the Kitsap, Olympic, and Key peninsulas, along with Mason County. Our specialists collaborate with highly advanced teams of medical professionals at two hospital locations, and we treat a broad range of orthopaedic disorders, conditions and injuries. We are:

Our many specialists focus on the medicine of motion, commonly known as orthopaedics. Orthopaedics includes a vast range of disorders, conditions, and injuries associated with your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

Whether your orthopaedic need is acute (new), chronic (ongoing), simple or complicated, The Orthopaedic Alliance believes that “there’s no place like home” when it comes to seeking treatment and care and getting you well.

We encourage people to receive orthopaedic care in their own community. It’s always best to get the healthcare you need from diagnostic experts, orthopaedic specialists, and your treatment and support team close to home. By receiving care in your own community, you are able to engage the whole team necessary to lead you through your orthopaedic journey step by step.

Step 1: Primary care doctor

All healthcare begins and ends with your primary care doctor. At The Orthopaedic Alliance, we believe in treating the whole person. Even though you may have an isolated orthopaedic need, the treatment should always include looking at your health in its entirety. Most patients have other conditions or a family history that can influence the type of care considered. These additional factors are needed to provide personalized care.

Your primary care/family doctor holds the key to your individualized and unique healthcare footprint. While many processes in healthcare are standardized for consistency in quality and safety, it’s essential that we consider the patient as an individual to best reach a successful outcome. The relationship with your primary care doctor helps to provide a full picture of your family history.

Step 2: Diagnostic team

Finding the source or contributing factors to your orthopaedic problem can be obvious or complicated. It takes an integrated team to look at the causes from all angles. This includes your primary care doctor, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, radiology technologists, lab technicians, pathologists, and other screening specialists.

Smooth and quick access to the resources you need comes from well-established working relationships and the in-depth understanding of the services and medical expertise of each team member. It also includes providing these services so you can stay within or be near you own community with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

Step 3: Treatment team

After your orthopaedic problem has been diagnosed, it’s essential to put you in touch with the team of care providers that will assist you on your journey to wellness.

Our primary care doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, pain specialists, anesthesiologists, hospitalists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, certified clinical staff, post-care nursing facilities, supporting healthcare specialists, outpatient care facilities, and local hospital departments have worked closely together to develop programs and care plans that best highlight the strengths of each team member.

The team combines leading edge technology, evidence-based care, and advanced quality and safety measures to provide you with the best possible care in your home community.

Step 4: Support team

The Orthopaedic Alliance understands that family, friends, and familiarity are key players in any successful healthcare journey. Family and friends can provide much-needed support—both physically and emotionally—throughout the journey.

When you can get all your orthopaedic services close to home, family and friends also can navigate your care conveniently and with minimal stress. Familiar people and familiar surroundings bring comfort and support to any situation. By minimizing the potential unknown factors on your healthcare journey, you, your family, and your care team are able to focus on the most important details of your orthopaedic care.

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